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157076_763560776025_388603094_nOne year ago today, Erin and I were rushing from Fiumicino airport to a convent in Rome to gather our coalition and drive to Piazza Garibaldi to raise pink smoke over the Vatican. It seemed poetic at the time, to cross an ocean to light something on fire, but it was an precedented and powerful witness for women, seen around the world.  Pink smoke filled the skies in Rome and in ten cities across the U.S. as members of the Women’s Ordination Conference collectively raised their voices for the need for women in ordained leadership and decision-making positions in the Roman Catholic Church. It was amazing.

Our friends at the Radical Grace film have put together a short video, featuring footage from their upcoming documentary on women religious (aka Rock Star Nuns, Sr. Simone Campbell, Sr. Chris Schenk, and Sr. Jean Hughes, and Erin and myself as young “would-be” nuns), shot one year ago today. You can back their work-in-progress by supporting their Kickstarter Campaign.

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