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Bread-Roses-posterHappy International Women’s Day! Here are a few ideas from the Women’s Ordination Conference to celebrate the women and girls of the world (today, and everyday!):

  • Listen to the women and girls in your life. Show and tell them that you love them, you support them, and you respect their human rights. Celebrate them (and celebrate yourself!).
  • Join or live-stream an event:
    • Voices of Faith: 10 women from around the world will gather at the Vatican to share their stories of faith and struggle in the Church (live-streaming starting at 8 AM Eastern)
    • National Catholic Sisters Week: This inaugural week recognizes sisters nationwide who have served faithfully as part of American history. Read more about  the week’s events here. (live-streaming starting at 3 PM Eastern)
    • Look for an event in your country!
  • Join the conversation! Use the hashtag #IWD2014 on Twitter (and follow the Women’s Ordination Conference @OrdainWomen and use #OrdainWomen in your tweets)
  • Write! Share your experiences as a woman in the Church by writing a letter to Pope Francis, to be delivered on May 22, 2014 — the 20th anniversary of the ban on the discussion of women’s ordination.
  • Donate time or resources to organizations working to promote gender equality in Church and society.

How will you celebrate today? Please share your International Women’s Day resources and wisdom in the comments below. Blessings to the courageous, incredible women and girls of the world, and the people who support them.



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