The Table

By Jan L. Richardson from Night Visions: searching for shadows of Advent and Christmas, 1998: United Church Press

Wise women also came.imageWiseWomen

The fire burned in their wombs long before they saw the flaming star in the sky.

They walked in shadows, trusting the path would open under the light of the moon. 

Wise women also came, seeking no directions, no permission from any king.

They came by their own authority, their own desire, their own longing.

They came in quiet, spreading no rumours, sparking no fears to lead to innocents’ slaughter,

to their sister Rachel’s inconsolable lamentations.

Wise women also came, and they brought useful gifts:

water for labour’s washing, fire for warm illumination, a blanket for swaddling.

Wise women also came, at least three of them,

holding Mary in the labour,

crying out with her in the birth pangs,

breathing ancient blessings into her ear.

Wise women also came, and they went, as wise women always do, home a different way.



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One comment on “WISE WOMEN ALSO CAME

  1. edward huff says:

    Very nice. Made me smile, and wince at the same time-for all that men have missed for hogging the table all these thousands of years. Thank you. Blessings. Ed.

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