World Day of Prayer 2017 Liturgy

Bearing Witness: “Organizing for Women’s Ordination” Tips

Media and Publicity Tips

  • Use social media (sample Tweets and posts below) and hashtags: #OrdainWomen and #EqualinFaith
    • On the Feast of the Annunciation, Catholics around the world pray for women’s ordination in our Church ‪#‎ordain‬ women

    • “Every type of discrimination… is to be overcome and eradicated as contrary to God’s intent” Gaudium et Spes, 29 ‪#‎ordainwomen‬

    • Like Mary, who freely gave her yes to God to bear Christ for the world, women called to priestly ministry yearn to respond YES #ordainwomen

    • As Mary knew: with God all things are possible. And so we pray for ‪#‎PopeFrancis‬ & we pray for our Church #ordainwomen

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