Young Adults Changing the Church and the World 

Young Feminist Network (YFN), is a national, diverse and inclusive community of womanist, mujerista and feminist Catholics in our 20’s and 30’s. We are a Roman Catholic group who recognizes the issues we address affect people regardless of religious affiliation.

Our Mission

Our mission is to equip and mobilize young Catholic women to integrate faith with feminism and to eliminate oppression within ourselves, society and the Roman Catholic Church.


  • Eliminate oppression: We work to eliminate oppression and discrimination in ourselves, our peers, our families, our communities and our church
  • Create an inclusive Roman Catholic Church: We re-imagine and work toward changing and creating church structures that are fully inclusive, affirming and participatory
  • Promote community faith life: We empower young women to participate in community faith life through parishes or faith sharing groups
  • Provide leadership opportunities: We provide young Catholic feminists with training and opportunities to develop skills in leadership and prophetic witness
  • Encourage healthy and diverse expressions of sexuality: We encourage young women to use their moral authority to make decisions about their sexuality, gender identity, and all other aspects of their body.

Polls repeatedly demonstrate that the current status of women in the Catholic church deters young women’s active participation in contemporary church life. Vatican policies which discriminate against women are a major hindrance to young women’s involvement. They often encounter both sexism and ageism and therefore have difficulty discerning how to respond to God’s call.


Young Feminist Network creates leadership opportunities for young women. YFN participants are the key leaders organizing feminist programs in their area. Work at the national level is coordinated by a staff person and a dedicated Leadership Team. Regional coordinators and local activists link people by hosting various events.


Realizing that an understanding of young people is important for everyone, there is no age limit to participation, though the majority of participants are in their 20’s and 30’s. Though YFN focuses on the experiences of Catholic women, any young woman or man seeking right relationships and justice is welcome to participate. By belonging to YFN, participants create communities and support one another through their journey of faith. As a project of Women’s Ordination Conference, membership in YFN includes membership in WOC with all its benefits.


Young Feminist Network was founded by a group of young feminists in 1995 at the Gathering, the 20th anniversary celebration of the Women’s Ordination Conference. YFN continues to be led by young women deeply concerned about the spiritual and religious welfare of women. YFN works to ensure that young feminist women and men are playing a vital role in reshaping a Catholic church based on mutuality and justice. Click here for more information about YFN’s Her-story.