Television and Radio Broadcasts

Newsprint articles

Television and Radio Broadcasts:

Members of the WOC community were featured in the following television and radio broadcasts during the 2005 papal transition:

April 20, 2005:

CNN International featured an interview with Joy Barnes, WOC’s Executive Director.

Boston’s WRKO John Depetro radio talk show featured Barnes and Nicole Sotelo, WOC member and local leader, in a discussion in progressive Catholic issues.

April 18, 2005:

Many local news stations covered WOC’s Pink Smoke events in DC, Chicago, Lexington, Cleveland, Denver and San Francisco and mentioned on Ron Reagan’s MSNBC show. Every major news station was present at the Chicago event.

CNN’s Paula Zahn NOW featured Laura Singer of Chicago WOC and the "Open the Conclave with Pink Smoke" event at 8:00 pm EST.

WKYT-36 ABC, Lexington Ky. Lengthy interview of Janice Sevre-Duszynska, a WOC Board member, and coverage of pink smoke service in front of Christ the King Cathedral.

WTVQ-27 CBS, Lexington, Ky. Lengthy interview of Sevre-Duszynska and coverage of pink smoke event.

ABC DC News Channel 7 featured Barnes and the Washington, DC event, "Open the Conclave with Pink Smoke" on the 5:00 pm news.

Canada Broadcasting Company (CBC) featured Aisha Taylor, WOC’s Program Director, in a live interview on their main news station at 2:30pm EST.

April 17, 2005:

Rueters featured an interview with Barnes at 7:45 pm.

April 7, 2005:

MSNBC’s "Connected: Coast to Coast," hosted by Ron Reagan and Monica Crowley, featured Barnes in a live debate with Patricia Sodano Ireland, author of The Catholic Mystique and opponent of women’s ordination.

April 6, 2005:

NBC WRC News in the greater Washington area featured WOC’s national office and Barnes in a story on women priests in the 4:00 news hour.

April 5, 2005:

London Sky News featured Taylor in a live broadcast at 7:30am EDT.

April 4, 2005:

Boston’s WRKO John Depetro radio talk show featured Barnes in a discussion on women’s ordination.

April 3, 2005:

MSNBC featured a live interview with Barnes.

Canada Broadcasting Company (CBC) featured a live interview with Barnes.


Newsprint Articles:

In April 2005, over 90 local, national, and international newspapers mentioned WOC. The following articles are selections of these:

 April 22, 2005:

AlterNet "Knocking on Rome’s Door" by Anne Eggebroten, Women’s eNews. Click to read article.

April 21, 2005:

Newsday, "Dissidents’ hopes for churches’ new era" by Silvia Adcock.

Deutsche Welle (German World), "’The Great Inquisitor’’ and His Critics" Click to read article.

April 20, 2005:

Boston Herald, "Selection worries gays, other activists" by Kimberly Atkins. Click to read article.

CNS News, "Feminist, Homosexual Groups Turn Thumbs Down on New Pope" by Susan Jones.

Cleveland Plain Dealer, "Area Catholics already familiar with new pope" by Frank Bentayou.

Philadelphia Inquirer, "The choice draws cheers, challenges" by Natalie Pompilio, Mitch Lipka and Joseph A. Slobodzian.

April 19, 2005:

Chicago Tribune, "Women send ordination message" by Margaret Ramirez.

NBC5 Chicago, "Protest targets church sexism: Nuns, Catholic women release pink smoke to mimic Vatican conclave" To read article.

Chicago Sun-Times, "Women seek louder voice in church" by Maureen O’Donnell. Click to read article.

Cleveland Plain Dealer, "Reform-minded Catholic women meet, pray for ordination" by Frank Bentayou.

April 18, 2005:

ABC WTVQ Channel 36, Lexington, Ky. "Group Works for Women Equality in Church" by Heather MacWilliams. Click to read article.

Interpress News, "New Pope may have to reconsider role for women" by Elisa Marincola. Click to read article.

April 17, 2005:

USA Today, "Women need not apply" by Mary Zeiss Stange. Click to read article.

Newsday, "Groups offer wish list for new leader" by Silvia Adcock.

April 16, 2005:

Potomac News, Letter to the Editor by Rosemary Luckett.

April 13, 2005:

Womens ENews, "Tune in to last gasps of patriarchy in Rome" by AnneEggebroten

April 9, 2005:

Sarasota Herald Tribune, "Women’s Equality Ignored" A Letter to the Editor by Bridget Mary Meehan.

April 6, 2005:

Interpress Service, World "Pope John Paul II: Paying Respects, but also hoping for a miracle" by Katherine Stapp. Click to read article.

April 5, 2005:

The Morning Call, "Many expectations face next pope" by Dan Sheehan and Kathleen Parrish.

April 4, 2005:

The Kansas City Star, AP "Interest groups to press for change" by Richard N. Ostling.

April 3, 2005:

The Philadelphia Inquirer, "Pope opened the door for women – to a point" by Kay Raftery.

April 2, 2005:

The Boston Herald, "A Study in Contrasts" by Marie Szaniszlo. Click to read article.