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Who are members of the Women’s Ordination Conference?

Women and men who believe:

† The church, in fidelity to the gospel, must be open to the full and equal participation of women in all its ministries

† Women have an equal right with men to have their call to ordination tested and their church leadership respected

† Decisions affecting the life of the whole church should reflect female as well as male experience and thought

† The church hierarchy should not define male and female “roles” or perpetuate any system that defines or limits one’s gifts or calling on the basis of gender

† Renewing the priesthood is a critical step in revitalizing the entire church and being an effective, welcoming presence in our contemporary world.

What are the benefits of membership?

  • NewWomen, NewChurch: You will receive four issues of NewWomen, NewChurch, our quarterly newsletter, featuring news and articles by feminist activists and theologians to keep you up-to-date about the movement to ordain women. Read personal accounts of women in ministry, book reviews and poetry.
  • Access to WOC’s Activist Network: WOC’s activist network connects you to other WOC members in your area that want to work for change in the church. Through the network, WOC members share advice and ideas on how to plan and organize feminist demonstrations, liturgies and more.
  • Participation in WOC’s Ministries Including the Three Ministries and Young Feminist Network, WOC’s ministries and programs connect WOC members around the country in local and national action.

Thank you for helping Women’s Ordination Conference work for justice and equality for Catholic women!