The Women’s Ordination Conference and co-directors, Erin Saiz Hanna and Kate McElwee, were mentioned in the following news outlets, responding to Pope Francis’ 12 May 2016 comments agreeing to open a commission to study women deacons. Read the full WOC statement here.

AFP: Pope Francis mulls opening door to female deacons in Church

AP: Pope Says He’s Willing to Study Whether Women Can Be Deacons

BBC: Catholic Church has long history of women deacons

CNN: Pope says church should study ordaining women as deacons

CTV: “Commission is a Great Step Forward”

Democracy Now!: Pope to Form Commission to Study Women Serving as Deacons

Guardian: Pope Francis is a master at playing to the crowd

Huffington Post: Catholic Women React to Pope Francis’ latest initiative 

Inquisitor: Allowing Female Deacons? Pope Francis says he’ll study it

National Catholic Reporter: Major crack in the ice, studying women deacons

New York Times: Pope Francis Says Panel Will Study Whether Women May Serve as Deacons

Religion News Service: Pope Francis: Let’s study idea of ordaining women as deacons