The Table

MMACCRecently I had the opportunity to speak with an incredible community in San Diego, the Mary Magdalene Apostle Catholic Community (MMACC). This is a community that I continually refer to when asked about the variety of women priests’ communities and ministries. MMACC is a thriving parish of around one hundred families, celebrating more than a decade of community and social engagement. They have been featured for their activism and leadership in TIME magazine, O Magazine, LBGTQ Nation, and others.  From their website:

Although we remain a work in progress, we are a vital, engaged, community of believers committed to gender equality in the church, contemporary theology and service to one another and the world. The vision unfolds.  – Jane Via, RCWP

Their current pastor, Nancy Corran and pastor emerita and WOC board member, Jane Via invited me to visit and speak with the community. It was an incredible opportunity and fortuitous lectionary to share the mission of the Women’s Ordination Conference and the ways each of us are vital to our successes.

Here is a video clip of my presentation: