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So many of the successes of WOW 2015 are still sinking in for me. With 500 extraordinary people in one space, your conversations, encouragement, and questions are still buzzing in my mind. I have immense gratitude for all of you who supported the conference in your own way, and for the time and talent shared for this cause over so many decades. WOC will share highlights, videos, and photos from the conference in the weeks to come.

However, in the midst of the constant Pope Francis coverage this past week, it is also important to amplify the voices of women’s ordination advocates who brought our message of equality to the headlines and radio waves.  Below you will find a collection of some of the consciousness-raising articles that came forth from the conference and the events to follow during the Pope’s visit to the U.S., featuring WOC and WOW members.  Thanks to all who tweeted (#ordainwomen #wow2015) and shared photos and insights on social media — keep sharing! Please leave a link in the comments if you have articles to add (or email the WOC office). Power to your voice and your passion!

NCR: Catholic activists raise ordination issue as pope’s U.S. trip approaches 

Reasonably Catholic: Kate McElwee on Grab Bag episode 

“Your Holiness….Welcome to America! And while most of us agree with your call for a serious and more potent role for women in the Church, we Americans would do even more — a whopping 88% of us are calling for women priests.” – Maria Shriver and Sister Joan Chittister (read more)

NCR: Women ordination advocates’ multi-media appeal 

NCR: Women’s ordination conference opens in Philadelphia 

Irish Times: Question Time: What can be done to address the shortage of Catholic priests? 

America Magazine: California Bishop Voices Support for the Ordination of Women 

Christian Today: Pope Francis says it’s a closed book, but some Catholic women are getting ordained anyway 


The Advertiser: Why won’t the Catholic Church ordain female priests? 

ABC: CONFERENCE SHINES SPOTLIGHT ON WOMEN ORDAINED AS PRIESTS Women priests call for a more inclusive church

NCR: Mary Hunt: 10 reasons to celebrate 40 years of women’s ordination 

NPR: In Defiance Of The Church, Some Catholic Women Seek Priesthood 

“He cannot preach about love and equality and poverty whilst telling women that they cannot discern their own vocations in life and that men need to decide what you can and cannot do and where you can and cannot speak.” Miriam Duignan, WOW Leadership Circle

Photo credit: Tom Fox

Photo credit: Tom Fox

NCR: Theresa Kane’s message to Pope Francis: eradicate scandal of gender inequality 

PA NJ Radio: Should women be ordained in the Church? 

NCR: Four women honored with ‘Theresa Kane vision and courage’ awards 

NCR: Theologian: ‘Gender insights challenge priesthood theology’ 

Newsworks: Meeting in Philly, group continues push for ordaining women as Catholic priests 

Erin Saiz Hanna on CNN

Erin Saiz Hanna on CNN

NCR: Priests offer support for women’s ordination 

NCR: Theologian: ‘Ordination ideas have changed over time’ 

NCR: Priest sanctioned after appearing at women’s ordination gathering 

New York Magazine: What Activist Nuns Really Think about Pope Francis

NCR: Women’s ordination: WOW delivers its message to the world 

NCR: Women’s ordination conference ends in song, dance, Eucharist 

“If women are not accorded equal place in the leadership of the Catholic Church and the other great world religions, they will always be treated as inferiors in earthly matters as well. There is nothing this Pope could do that would improve the world as much as putting the Church on a path to ordain women.” -Sen. Tim Kaine (read more)

NCR: As meeting ends, ordination advocates claim renewed purpose 

CNS: Protesters urge pope to approve women’s ordination 

Refinery 29: Meet The Women Priests Who Are Defying The Catholic Church 

Newsweek: 7 Arrested After Group Seeking Ordination of Female Priests Protests Pope Francis in Washington 


Photo Credit: Giulia Bianchi

LA Times: Women as Roman Catholic priests? Opinions are divided — and fiery 

LA Times: To Pope Francis: What about women? 

NCR: A church that dreams of rights for women can be great, too 

Bustle: Pope Francis Says Women Are The Future Of The Church, So Where Are They? 

CNN: Not Everyone is a Francis Fan 

Democracy Now!: Female Priests Stage Die-In Outside D.C. Church Urging Pope Francis to Open Priesthood to Women 

WUSA: Protesters issued citations during papal visit to DC 

“I feel the pain of being silenced, and in this silencing I am beginning to feel the deep pain women feel all over the church.” – Fr. Jack McClure, sanctioned for his participation in WOW 2015

Guardian: Protesters urge pope to ordain female priests and stop ‘legitimizing sexism’ 

Wochit News: Protesters Urge Pope to Ordain Female priests (VIDEO)

DCist: Protesters Advocating For Women Priests Removed Ahead Of Papal Visit 


Huffington Post: Protesting Priests Urge Pope To End ‘Thousands Of Years Of Misogyny’

NBC: Renegade Female Priests Hold Peaceful Protest Amid Pope Francis’ Visit 

New York Times: Francis, the Perfect 19th-Century Pope 

The Real News: Priests to Pope: Stop the Sexism 

“When Pope Francis talks about the poor and people who suffer and discounts women in the same breath, his message is really without integrity.” Margaret Johnson, WOC Board Member (read more)

NBC: Women Priest Protesters Arrested During Pope Visit 

The Rivard Report: Gender, Gospel, and Global Justice 

Credit: Molly Butler

(L-R) Molly Butler, Pat Brown, Kate McElwee, Erin Saiz Hanna, Miriam Duignan outside St. Matthew’s Cathedral in Washington, D.C.