The Table
On the 20th anniversary of  Ordinatio Sacerdotalis, we were welcomed at the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.


Holding the letters to Pope Francis outside St. Peter’s

More than 700 letters calling for discussion on women’s ordination were received by a top Vatican official, who accepted the letters and said: “This is amazing.” The stories and voices of those calling for women priests are being heard.
At a press conference earlier that day, the following remarks were shared: “Women’s Ordination Worldwide encourages Pope Francis to stop making Jesus the Vatican’s partner in gender discrimination. Ordinatio Sacerdotalis is an outdated, fallible and painful document created by his predecessors to diminish the leadership of women.  We are asking Pope Francis to open the doors of dialogue to talk with us about women’s ordination.” Read the full statement.  View the photo gallery.
Thank you to all those who submitted powerful and heartfelt letters to Pope Francis, and to all those who support our work. On this historic day, we took a step forward.