The Table

JpgBecause woman’s work in the Catholic Church is never done and is invisible or silenced or decided by men and we’re the first to get excommunicated and our sex organs are more important than what God calls us to do and if we preach the Gospel we are “female machismos” and if we are ordained it is illicit and if we raise our voices we are “chauvinists with skirts” and if we enjoy a woman preaching we’re “clericalized” heretics and if we don’t we’re “feminine geniuses” and if we love women it’s because we are disordered and if we ask our bishops not to be politicians and/or doctors we’re not even Catholic and  if we expect a role in the Church we’re selfish to want to be a mother and a decision-maker and if we stand up for our rights we’re “hostile to the Church” and if we don’t we’re good Catholic girls and if we want to get married it better be complementarian and produce children (without IVF) and if we don’t we’re maligning our greatest capacity and because the hierarchy continues to block our access to safe contraception but men can be Princes of the Church and because we’re still under the stained-glass ceiling of a Church whose doors are “definitively closed” we’re made to feel guilty for wanting more from “Super Pope” … and for lots and lots of other reasons we are part of the women’s ordination movement.

Based on Joyce Stevens’ 1975 manifesto, because woman’s work is never done

What are some of your lots and lots of other reasons for being part of the women’s ordination movement