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For a third time in just a few of years, the Women’s Ordination Conference is traveling to Rome to bring your voice to the Vatican. You may recall that last time I witnessed at St. Peter’s Square, the Vatican banned me from ever entering again. Well, it’s a good thing that the hierarchy’s threats have yet to stop me from being an advocate for women in church. From October 16-20, I will again represent you at the gates of St. Peter’s, drawing international attention to the issue of women’s ordination.

You Again?

This year, WOC is leading a delegation and is blessed to be joined by Fr. Roy Bourgeois and coalition partners including representatives from Women’s Ordination Worldwide, Call to Action, and Roman Catholic Womenpriests/Association of Roman Catholic Womenpriests.

If you are unable to join us, but still want to support our action, here are some ways to make a difference right now:

  • Sign the petition in support of Fr. Roy. We will hand deliver this petition to the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith. Every name counts!
  • Renew/Join WOC and help fund this action. Your gift will support our organizing and outreach today and in the coming weeks.

Thank you for helping us shatter the stained glass ceiling in the church! Together we are making a difference.

Erin Saiz Hanna

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