Tarana Burke created the phrase “Me Too” in 2006 as part of a grassroots campaign to promote “empowerment through empathy” among women of color who have experienced sexual abuse.  Now in a watershed moment, #MeToo has inspired a cultural reckoning that is just beginning to shed light on our deeply rooted systems of oppression.

Heartbreaking, inspiring and familiar: Catholics know too well the damaging effects of an unchecked patriarchy that institutionalizes inequality, sanctifies subordination, and attempts to control women’s sexuality and moral authority.

“In our own tradition, the extraordinary deference and privilege accorded to ordained men has led to countless situations of abuse, and to the experience of women being discounted, invalidated, or silenced.” – Women-Church Convergence 

The urgency to dismantle patriarchal systems has never been more clear. 

Take action with the Women’s Ordination Conference, FutureChurch and Call To Action in challenging misogyny, sacralized sexism, and structural oppression so that we as a Church can move forward in creating a community that truly values justice and equality:

  • Share your story and raise your voice using #CatholicToo
  • Accompany the “silence breakers” by listening, believing, respecting and treating women as equals created in God’s image. Use #CatholicToo and #IWill to express your solidarity. Click here for inspiration.
  • Bring words into action: Engage your faith community in the work of truth-telling and healing by publicly committing to transformative justice. Use #CatholicTooand #WeWill to continue the work of the Gospel.

“Sexual abuse will only be eradicated from the Church if we continue to challenge its patriarchy, the real root of the problem.”  – Jamie Manson 

As we look to a new year, please join us in recommitting to our collective work to dismantle patriarchal power structures and walk with women and survivors toward a place of healing and justice. #CatholicToo #MeToo