Gracious and Loving God of all, 
We ask your blessing on those who soon will march to uphold the principle that
“Women’s rights are Human rights”
We march together as your infinitely varied family,
      Acknowledging that the good of each is bound up in each.
We march together to honor the legacy of all who have worked for justice before us,
We march together to bring a spark of hope to the despairing,
We march together to lift up gender equality, racial justice, LGBTQI rights, immigration reform and all  the many issues that cry out for solutions of compassion, wisdom and right.
Holy One, send forth your Spirit on all those who march,
    grant us courage to be steadfast,
            make us gentle in confronting power,
                    keep us safe and
                         help us harness kindness and humor
as we walk in solidarity to bring fullness of life to all.



Written by Sheila Peiffer, WOC National Board of Directors President