After 40 years in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, Sister of Charity Louise Akers has been told by Archbishop Daniel E. Pilarczyk to publicly disassociate herself from the issue of women’s ordination if she wishes to continue making any presentations or teaching for credit in any archdiocesan-related institutions.
On August 10, 2009, Archbishop Pilarczyk met with S. Louise and outlined the following requirements: First, that she remove her name from our Women’s Ordination Conference website. Secondly, that she publicly rescind her long-held stance supporting the ordination of women. As a matter of conscience, Sister Louise will not renounce her support for women’s equality in the church. 

Sister Louise currently serves on WOC’s National Antiracism Team.


Write a letter to Archbishop Daniel Pilarczyk telling him you disagree with his actions and request that Sister Louise be reinstated into her teaching position with archdiocesan-related institutions in a timely manner.

Send letter:
Archbishop Daniel Pilarczyk
100 East Eighth Street, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202

Call Office of Archdiocese: 513-421-3131.

Email: [email protected]

Please let WOC know you took action. Copy us on your email or send us an email letting us you wrote a letter or called. Email Erin at [email protected]  

Support S. Louise:
Send a letter of support to
Sister Louise Akers, SC
c/o Women’s Ordination Conference
PO BOX 15057
Washington, DC 20003

WOC will forward all your messages to Sister Louise.

Thank you for taking action!